Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer Course Now Accepting Applications

The TEMPO™ Course is a new and innovative concept formed under the leadership of Dr. Jeffrey Ho, a senior faculty physician in the HCMC Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ho has a unique skill set that includes training and work in fireground operations, military medicine, Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance (EMS) operations, emergency medicine, SWAT team medicine, and law enforcement. The TEMPO Course recognizes that Peace Officers are one of the largest groups of First Responder professionals.  Moreover, they require specialized medical knowledge to perform their roles effectively because they operate in more dangerous environments.

Characteristics of the TEMPO™ include occupation-specific emergency medical training, scenario-based skill evaluations and instruction, and low student-to-instructor ratio for continuous feedback.

The course also includes expanded instruction on additional medical topics such as Excited Delirium Syndrome recognition and treatment; officer survival physiology; self care/partner care; tactical evacuation; critical decision drills; and use of force physiology considerations.

The TEMPO Course will cover all of the basic topics required for national refresher certification (either First Responder or EMT Basic level) and is taught by a cadre of well-qualified and unique faculty. The faculty collectively has decades of experience in emergency patient care, tactical EMS, and law enforcement operations.

Available only to sworn law enforcement personnel, this course is unlike any standard EMS Refresher. It will enable the student to use EMS skills that they have developed and apply them specifically to their occupational setting in new ways.

Following successful program completion, national certification is valid for a period of 2 years.

If you have interest in the above described program please click here to fill out the questionnaire and you will be contact shortly.

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