TigerSwan SWAT Basic Training Course

TigerSwan SWAT Basic Course

This month, six of our eight scheduled training courses are law enforcement specific and are part of our continuing effort to meet the training needs of America's First Responders.

On July 25-29, we conducted our first 5-Day SWAT Basic course at the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center. The course attendees hailed from 5 different law enforcement agencies and included both veteran SWAT operators and officers new to the firearms and tactical skills required for SWAT operations.

Some comments from course attendees:

"This was one of the best courses I have been involved in. The instructors where top notch and very knowledgeable. The class provided a lot of hands on and little classroom. In my opinion hands on is the best way for individuals to learn a specific ability. Since the class I have been telling everyone about TigerSwan. I hope to attend another class as soon as I can." - Anonymous

"Training on the basics and training with a combat mindset is really where the rubber meets the road, and something I've always been a fan of. There's no "secret" equipment or techniques - it's all in expertly executing the basics and being prepared for anything. TigerSwan does a great job of breaking these skills down, training them independently, then training them all together. The training philosophy of "crawl, walk, run" makes perfect sense. I look forward to training again soon with you guys!" Wayne Salter, Greenville PD

"Instructors Dave and Alan both demonstrated to be very well versed in the tactics taught in this course. Both easily conveyed their knowledge to students in the class through both verbal instruction and demonstration of the tactics. I would not hesitate to take a class taught by either one of these two instructors." -Anonymous

Our next SWAT Basic course is 26-30 September 2011. Register Now!

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