McAfee Institute Shows the Importance of Successful Action in Online Investigations

For companies and law enforcement professionals, cyber crime is an economic, legal and technological threat. Without the proper intelligence and means of accurately identifying – and preventing – these actors, the consequences can be enormous.

These effects include:

-Brand Dilution
-Cyber Terrorism
-Online Fraud
-Workplace Violence
-Financial Crimes

By developing practical courses, seminars and certification programs to address these issues, we have an opportunity to investigate and eliminate these problems. Remember: these investigations cover a variety of situations, circumstances that continue to attract the attention of local, state, national and global authorities. Even the sale of stolen merchandise – just a single item – can result in harm to a company’s reputation, loss of personal data, heightened vulnerability from hackers and even money laundering.

The responsibility of security personnel and law enforcement starts with requesting the rights services and software to combat these problems. For, as the stakes increase and people (and businesses) become targeted for theft or violence, we must have the training to anticipate and counteract the plans of cyber criminals. An institute dedicated to education and protection is our best means of winning this fight. Period.

About McAfee Institute®:
The McAfee Institute® by SecureFraud is the leading authority and premier provider of the most innovative intelligence based solutions and training opportunities to assist business, law enforcement and intelligence communities in the identification and elimination of cyber related crimes.


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