First-Ever Tactical Communications (Verbal Judo) Instructor Conference to Be Held in Milwaukee, WI

Ever since Verbal Defense & Influence became the exclusive U.S. representative of Dr. Thompson’s work in 2010, we’ve had the goal of holding a national conference for anyone who has ever taken a live training class from one of our global team of certified trainers. We are proud to announce this “First-ever” conference will be held on November 11-13, 2011 in Milwaukee, WI.

The focus of this conference will be on:
• Re-certifying Verbal Judo/Verbal Defense & Influence instructors
• Sharing the latest enhancements to content and instruction methodology for the Tactical Communications course
• Describing the future direction for Verbal Judo under the Verbal Defense & Influence brand

We’ve recruited an all-star group of presenters from the police, education, health care, business, legal and martial arts markets who are all nationally recognized speakers. Gary Klugiewicz of PoliceOne / CorrectionsOne will moderate the conference. No matter what level of involvement you’ve had with Verbal Judo or Verbal Defense & Influence in the past, we’ll take you to the next level of understanding and performance -- in a relaxed and fun environment.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn:
• The latest in interactive performance-based instruction
• The 5 universal truths of human interaction
• How to make ethical interventions before bad things happen
• Learn to manage verbal abuse with new word blocks
• How to listen to the whole conversation to make the right assessment
• Powerful persuasion tactics built on street tested experience

To register for this valuable conference, just go to:
To learn more, please go to:

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