TigerSwan Trains Mobile Enforcement Team

STEDMAN, NC – More than a dozen North Carolina Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) members participated in a 5 Day Mobile Enforcement Team training course, to hone their tactical and marksmanship skills, at the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center, Stedman, NC, Sept. 26-30.

TigerSwan mentors, who have extensive Special Operations experience in Law Enforcement and military units, provided instruction in a wide variety of areas, including Close Quarter Battle (CQB) basics and techniques, types of assaults, command and control, target discrimination, high risk vehicle interdiction and training methodology.  After completing the training, team members will have a better understanding of the core skills relating to CQB, surgical marksmanship and operator mindset.

Founded in 2005 by former members of Delta Force (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta), TigerSwan specializes in customized training solutions for government, military, law enforcement and corporate organizations.  TigerSwan's "Brilliance in the Basics®" training methodology teaches expertise in basic individual skills and then trains inrealisticambiguous scenarios that force operators to not only exercise their individual skills, but also to solve problems and make tough "life and death" decisions in a stressful training environment.

The TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center (TSTCC) is a 1,000acre learning and range complex located minutes from downtown Fayetteville, NC.  The TSTCC is the convenient and cost effective solution for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Military, Corporate Clients, and Private Citizens to meet their training requirements. 

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