Verbal Defense & Influence Trainers Leverage On-the-Job Experience

Milwaukee, Wis. – Drawing upon their experiences in police, corrections, health care and security, some of the most highly regarded law enforcement leaders will share their skills at the First Annual Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Conference Nov. 11 – 13 in Milwaukee, Wis.

Some of the presenters include:
- Gary T. Klugiewicz, of PoliceOne / CorrectionsOne, and an internationally known tactical communications instructor
- Harry Dolan, Chief of Police in Raleigh, NC, who has integrated these communications techniques within his institution
- Joel Lashley, hospital security professional and autism behavioral management expert
- Peter Harrell, Jr., public service and civilian dispute resolution authority

The intensive training is open to police, sheriff and corrections instructors from around the country who have been previously certified in Verbal Judo / Verbal Defense & Influence. “Having a diverse group of trainers means that participants will get the field-tested crisis communications techniques that apply directly to them,” said Klugiewicz. Participation in this training fulfills the recertification requirement for this methodology. All Verbal Judo / Verbal Defense and Influence instructors will require recertification, beginning in 2012. For details visit

About Verbal Defense & Influence Group
The Verbal Defense & Influence group, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. An estimated one million professionals have been trained to date in this methodology.

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