TigerSwan Promotes Women’s Safety through Specialized Training Course

Stedman, NC – TigerSwan is renowned for our “Brilliance in the Basics” training methodology and our “Train the Trainer” courses for military and law enforcement. Now those same world class instructors are teaching a One Day Women’s Introductory Pistol Course, Saturday November 5th, at the Sportsman’s Range at the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center in Stedman, just minutes from downtown Fayetteville.

The level of instruction is equal to the standard Introductory Pistol course, but the ratio of students to instructors is just six to one, which allows students to get more individual instruction, and feel comfortable addressing concerns such as hand strength, recoil management, type of handgun, safe carry, and storage of a pistol. Students should arrive in comfortable clothes at 7:30 am, with instruction beginning at 8 and ending at 5pm.

Course instruction will include:
• Range procedures
• Firearms safety
• Gear and weapons selection
• Loading and clearing
• Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
• Malfunctions
• The draw
• Training methodology and drills

Bring your own equipment, or TigerSwan will include the rental of a semi automatic pistol, 200 rounds of ammunition, magazine pouch, magazine, and eye and ear protection in the full package.

‘The all women’s pistol course is a wonderful training event conducted in a safe and professional environment,” said Billy J. Buckner, public relations manager. Feedback from women who have taken the course has been extremely positive, with many saying they now feel empowered in their own self defense, and confident they can handle a pistol safely and effectively.”

TigerSwan will offer also the NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course on November 5th. In addition to covering the laws and statutes governing the use of deadly force and related issues for carrying a concealed gun in the state of North Carolina, this course will also focus on the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and how to safely draw the pistol from the holster. Students should already be familiar with proper weapons handling and safety. With a passing score of this course students can apply for their North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit.

To register for these and other classes go to www.Sportsman.TigerSwan.com. For questions, contact Leon Bracy at (919) 439-8348 or l.bracy@tigerwswan.com.

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