Steel Targets Give Hunters the Edge at Recreational Shooting Range

Stedman, NC –Hunters and recreational shooters just got three more reasons to make spending Saturday at the Sportsman’s Range at the TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center (TSTCC) in Stedman a weekend tradition.

TigerSwan has now added three steel silhouette targets, two deer and one boar, to give hunters a chance to improve their shooting skills and techniques with more realistic targets that provide immediate feedback to their accuracy, with orange flags popping up the instant the center is hit. 

“The steel targets are a great addition to the range,” said Billy J. Buckner, public relations manager.  “Shooters not only hear when they strike the target, but the flag popping up gives them spontaneous feedback, without having to go down range to check their targets, so they spend more time actually shooting.”

The Sportsman’s Range is just 15 minutes from downtown Fayetteville and is open for public recreational shooting on Saturday’s from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The range offers 25 pistol and rifle firing points with overhead cover, benches and varying distance target stands, as well as two archery lanes.

For more information about the Sportsman’s Range or to register for classes, visit or contact Leon Bracy, operations manager for training, at (919) 439-8348 or

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