1st Responder Point-of-Impact Crisis Intervention Training for Persons with Special Needs


Duration: 1 hour
Presenters: Gary T. Klugiewicz

Date/Time: Friday May 18, 2012, 11AM Eastern (GMT -4:00)

For the First Responder at the Point-of-Impact in Crisis Intervention Situations, everyone is a Person with Special Needs being either a Long Term EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person with mental health issues), a Chemical Abuser (under the influence of or suffering the aftermath of alcohol or drug abuse), or a Short Term EDP (a person in crisis now) – and sometimes all three.    The first responder needs to keep everyone safe until s/he can get the situation stabilized and, if necessary, get that person the medical / mental health care that they need. 

This program addresses this specific need by training First Responders on the following:

    • How to minimize the stressors of these crisis situations,
    • How to communicate effectively with persons in crisis,
    • How to use the most effective crisis intervention tactics to bring the crisis to a safe resolution.  

This training deals with potentially violent crisis intervention situations.  The presenter will discuss the verbal protocol to diffuse and alleviate crisis situations, and discuss the determinants for when words fail and action must be taken. He will outline the specific physical intervention tactics that should be followed.

Primary Topics Include:

    • Verbal protocol to diffuse and alleviate crisis situations,
    • Determinants for when words fail and action must be taken,
    • Specific physical intervention tactics that should be followed,
    • Non-intrusive but effective crisis intervention protocol with respect to officer and subject safety,
    • Team coordination with medical, mental health, law enforcement and security personnel,

Following the webinar, participants will be armed with tools and tactics for keeping everyone safe at the point of impact, when things are out of control, and immediate response is required to stabilize the situation.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Gary T. Klugiewicz is currently employed by PoliceOne as a police and corrections subject matter expert.  He also is the Director of the Active Countermeasures Instructional (ACMi®) Systems, a national defensive tactics training entity. Gary is retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department after 25 years of service where he was promoted to the rank of captain.  As former Street Survival Seminar instructor and nationally known defensive tactics instructor, Gary has impacted literally 100,000’s of law enforcement officers. He is the developer of the Active Countermeasures System of Unarmed Blocking and Striking Techniques that is the cornerstone of High Level Control Tactics.   Gary is also an instructor trainer for the Verbal Defense & Influence that provides Dr. George Thompson’s Verbal Judo / Tactical Communication training in the United States.  He has developed programs for police, corrections, military, security, and mental health professionals.  As a use-or-force defense expert for police and correctional officers, Gary has defended scores of officers in legal proceedings.



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