Conflict Resolution Instructor Class Showcases Latest Improvements

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) has updated its Instructor Classes with a new series of improvements to provide attendees the latest tools and techniques in verbal conflict resolution.

The changes are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the techniques as well as improving the overall training experience. Material is being added to some existing teachings to be more universally applicable while other areas are completely new.

Updates to the course include:
• Added listening components for risk assessment and understanding
• A color-coded system for improving conditions awareness
• The Five Universal Truths at home
• Classroom management
• Expansion of the professional/family face
• Chief Dolan's Three Rules
• Listening for understanding in customer service and non-security enforcement situations

Steps have also been taken to make the classes more engaging. New drills have been added as well as a performance-based training system.

"It was completely collaborative and active in nature," said Sadie Arch, one of the class participants.

Attendance to the class was high, with 70 people representing a wide range of disciplines and departments including health care providers, teachers, college security, parks departments, law enforcement, ICE and the military. The diversity of the group is a testament to how universally effective the VDI program is.

For dates and locations of upcoming courses featuring the new material, visit

About Vistelar Group
The Verbal Defense & Influence group trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. An estimated one million professionals have been trained to date in this methodology. Verbal Defense & Influence belongs to the global training organization Vistelar Group, which is headquartered in Milwaukee. For more information on their courses visit

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