Verbal Defense & Influence Announces Conference Agenda

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Verbal Defense & Influence has released the agenda for the Second Annual Instructor Conference, in Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 9-11, 2012.

Instructors who have been previously trained in Verbal Judo or Verbal Defense & Influence (prior to 2009) must recertify by the end of 2012. This intensive weekend conference fulfills that requirement.

The conference will include:
• 8 hours of new and enhanced material training
• Physical defense options by tactics instructor Dave Young
• Effective communication for special needs, including those along the autism spectrum
• Bystander mobilization tactics that enable others to stand up to conflict
• Sports communication for officials and coaches
• Gender and relationship issues
• Panel discussions on topics ranging from bullying to hate crimes
• Networking opportunities

To download the agenda visit

About Verbal Defense & Influence
The Verbal Defense & Influence group trains corporations, government agencies and police forces in crisis communications and professional protocol. Over one million individuals have been trained to date. Verbal Defense & Influence is a member of the Vistelar Group, visit for more information.

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