Introducing the Courtroom Survival Class by Global Police Solutions

"Endorsed by the 15th Circuit Solicitors Office, SC"

Course Duration: 24 hours

Max. Number of Students: 30

Instructional Setting: Classroom

Instructor: Ronald H. Wilson, J.D., Professor of Law

This course is designed to help the law enforcement officer understand how court proceedings work, and what their role is as witness for the State. Collecting evidence and documenting facts are two of the most important aspects of the criminal law. This course will provide the law enforcement officer with the knowledge required to properly and professionally prepare their case, and how to testify to the facts of the case under Direct Examination, as well as Cross Examination. Knowledge and understanding of the lengthy court process that follows arrest makes it easier for the law enforcement officer to properly prepare their case for court, and testify to the facts while maintaining decorum.

Topics Include: 

    • The Law
    • Ethics
    • Courtroom Tactics
    • Advocacy
    • The Psychology of Persuasion
    • Preparation Methods
    • Performance Skills
    • What is an Expert Witness?
    • Criminal Procedure
    • Judicial Systems
    • Participant Roles in the Judicial System
    • Police Function
    • Testimony
    • Your Role as a Witness
    • General Rules
    • Common Objections
    • Handling Cross Examination
    • Arrest Authority
    • Police Searches
    • Search and Seizure Issues
    • Appeals
    • Special Trials
    • Civil Suits

The goal is of this course is to provide the law enforcement officer with a close examination of power and limitations in gathering evidence, proceedings before trial, preparation of your case, testifying to the jury, post-conviction powers and limitations, quasi-criminal proceedings, and pre-trial detention. This course is College level and part of the pre-law minor, and will be structured in such a manner as to give Investigators and other law enforcement officers a basic understanding of courtroom proceedings, criminal procedure, and what their role is in the process; which will enable them to succeed in not only the field of law enforcement, but in Criminal Investigations and court preparation.

Global Police Solutions, LLC is an Approved Industry Provider of Advanced Law Enforcement training in the State of South Carolina. All class hours are accepted towards your officers yearly mandated CLEE training hours. 



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