Global Police Solutions Presents the Critical Incident Negotiations Level 1 Class

Global Police Solutions Presents the Critical Incident Negotiations Level 1 Class

"The Tactical Negotiator"

Course Duration: 40 hours

Max. Number of Students: 25

Instructional Setting: Classroom

Instructor: James C. Lilley, SC State Certified Police Instructor, Certified ICITAP Master Instructor, HCPD C.I.N.T Commander - 1998-2007, Forming Council Member of the National Council of Negotiation Associations                                                         

This course is designed to ensure a quality presentation of critical incident negotiation skills training for hostage and barricaded suicide negotiation teams, in order for them to bring about a peaceful resolution to critical incidents. This course is designed to teach the basic skills, techniques and concepts required of any critical incident negotiator, with an emphasis on communication and active listening.

Topics Include: 

    • Introduction to Critical Incident Negotiations
    • Critical Incident Negotiations Team Design
    • Response Planning
    • Team/Department Standard Operating Procedures
    • "The First Forty-five Minutes"
    • Working with Command
    • Essential Communication Skills
    • Active Listening Skills
    • Throw Phone and other Communication Devices
    • Primary and Coach working as a team
    • Finding the Hook
    • Documenting the Negotiation
    • What is Negotiable
    • Theories of Motivation
    • Who is in Command?
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder
    • Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Paranoid Personality Disorder
    • Dependant Personality Disorder
    • The Surrender Process
    • Team Debriefing After the Incident
    • Dealing with the Critical Incident
    • Students will have two full days of working as a team while honing their skills in real life practical exercises

To provide the critical incident negotiator with the skills, techniques and basic concepts needed to bring about a peaceful resolution to a critical incident. The negotiator will learn the importance of negotiating as a team, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each team member assigned. An understanding as well as practical knowledge of these concepts and skills is fundamental for critical incident negotiation teams to be successful in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the critical incidents they will encounter.

Global Police Solutions, LLC is an Approved Industry Provider of Advanced Law Enforcement training in the State of South Carolina. All class hours are accepted towards your officers yearly mandated CLEE training hours. 


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