Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc. Develops National Training Program

AIS Partners with Tennessee Homeland Security Consortium to Launch Program for First Responders

SEATTLE – Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc. ( will provide a core technology component for a new homeland security training program for first responders. AIS developed the virtual reality simulation technology, called SVS, to allow multiple participants to engage together in training in a virtual environment.

The new pilot training program, developed in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), was unveiled today at the 10th annual Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit, at which U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge was keynote. The summit is taking place this week in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“We face the responsibility of training our local responders and local jurisdictions to meet the growing threat from terrorists,” said Dr. Robin White, Executive Director of the UT/ORNL Center for Homeland Security and Counterproliferation. “This is a complicated job because we must train them to respond and interact with other agencies, while allowing them to stay on duty at their local duty stations. We believe that using this training tool and exercise program will not only will save time and resources, but in the event of a real threat, it will also save lives.”

The SVS training system, developed by AIS’s Reality Response division, provides a 3D simulated environment that can be distributed remotely to first responders, and it allows individuals from multiple jurisdictions to train together over a distributed network in a virtual replica of their local environment. The virtual reality simulation technology was originally developed for the military, and the technology is now being made available to the civilian community through the AIS/ORNL partnership..

“SVS allows participants to experience a combined response to highly realistic scenarios that are difficult to replicate in real life.” says Tim May, President and CEO of Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc. “It’s a key tool that takes responder training to the next level.”

About AIS
Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc., provides comprehensive training solutions for people in positions where lives are on the line, including aviation, law enforcement, military, government, security, corrections and emergency responders. AIS builds PRISim training simulators that provide lethal and less-lethal weapons handling and judgment skills. The AIS Ltd. group designs and builds anti-terrorist and other special application training facilities for military and special operations groups, with installations in more than 60 countries. The Reality Response Division manufactures interactive simulation systems and synthetic environments that provide reality-based training for CBRNE (Chemical, biological, radiologic, nuclear, explosive) hazard response tasks. NASS, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides counterterrorism and security planning. Headquartered in Seattle, AIS is a privately owned company with offices in Washington D.C.; McLean, Virginia; Monterey, California; Orlando, Florida; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and London, England.

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