Police Shocked By New Invention: new training knife will save lives of police, military and correctional officers

Shocknife Shocknife Inc. is proud to introduce the Shocknife SK-1, the training knife that could completely revolutionize edged-weapon training in law enforcement across the world. The inventor of Shocknife, Jeff Quail, explains how the device prepares officers for high conflict and high stress situations.

"When an officer is attacked with an edged weapon they experience an acute stress response, which can limit their ability to make quick and rational decisions. The result of an incorrect response can be catastrophic for both the officer and the attacker," said Quail. "At the highest setting, the Shocknife SK-1 delivers a powerful shock when the blade touches the officer being trained. Unlike rubber training knives, Shocknife causes the acute stress during training that an officer would actually experience in a real attack. This kind of training more adequately prepares the officer to react during dangerous situations."

The Shocknife SK-1 can also be adjusted to lower settings. The ability to deliver a subtle shock allows for using the knife as a biofeedback tool when introducing training at a static level. Shocknife President, Rory Bochinski states "At it's lowest setting it feels just like a paper cut." Bochinski expects to sell the product worldwide concentrating on the Law Enforcement and Corrections market.

The Shocknife SK-1 will be available in November of 2005. Shocknife have already pre sold their first manufacturing run and are currently taking orders for the second run. Visit www.shocknife.com to learn more and purchase the SK-1 at an introductory price.

For more information, email: info@shocknife.com or visit: www.shocknife.com

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