Corporations Turn to Special Operations Veterans to Counter Global Threats

TigerSwan Expands International Operations to India

APEX, NC – “THE WORLD HAS CHANGED” emphasized TigerSwan CEO and former Delta Force Officer, James Reese, to a large gathering of corporate executives.  “From data privacy breaches to cyber espionage, corporations combat crises on a daily basis,” said Reese. “As a result, detecting, mitigating and managing these threats are a necessity.”

As companies expand internationally, more CEO’s and Corporate Risk Boards seek vulnerability management services to protect their businesses from global threats. Vulnerability identification and management helps companies protect valuable information, including intellectual property, trade secrets and customer data.

TigerSwan’s Vulnerability Management Service, NIFE-VM ™ evaluates both internal and external threats from an asymmetric, holistic approach rather than the traditional linear audit approach. The comprehensive service evaluates company systems across the spectrum of business operations, including computer and enterprise networks, SCADA, social media, human resources, legal policy compliance, executive and employee protection, facility security, and personal electronics and phones.

TigerSwan executives have extensive military experience.  As special operations officers, they were involved in defeating major threat networks around the world, such as terrorist organizations, drug cartels, insurgent groups, and international war criminals.

Due to the high demand for these services, TigerSwan and its joint venture partners, Kaizen Technologies and Santa Monica Financial have formed TigerSwan Vulnerability Management Services Private LTD, based in Mumbai. This new Indian registered company offers the full spectrum of vulnerability management services, as well as law enforcement and military training.

TigerSwan is a global leader in vulnerability management, employing more than 350 multi-cultural specialists worldwide with offices in the U.S., Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and India.  Through incorporation of cutting edge technology, techniques, and personnel, TigerSwan provides its clients with a comprehensive approach to combat a wide-range of threats. 

About TigerSwan
Founded in 2006 by former members of the “DELTA FORCE,” TigerSwan specializes in Vulnerability Management, Global Stability and Customized Training Solutions for law enforcement, military and corporate organizations.

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