Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) and Phoenix RBT Solutions Unveil New Target Round (TBR) and Live Fire PTF at SHOT Show

New Defense Tactics Equipment Also on Display

LAS VEGAS – Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM), a leading provider of weapon conversions and training ammunition for armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world, along with Phoenix RBT Solutions, a top supplier of reality-based training programs and products, today announced the launch of several new reality-based training products at the 2012 SHOT Show. New products include UTM’s Target Bullet Round (TBR), Live Fire Portable Training Facility (LFPTF) and various defense tactics products.

The new UTM Target Bullet Round (TBR) provides a short range force-on-target training round that reduces damage to infrastructure and the need for excessive surface danger zones. The round was initially introduced in 2005 and was recently updated to significantly increase accuracy and grouping. The round has an average velocity of 850 fps and less than 12 foot pounds of impact energy, and will not penetrate ¾ inch plywood. UTM’s TBR allows for marksmanship and qualification training within 100 meters. The TBR gun conversion kit provides a key safety feature that prohibits the firing of any other ammunition aside from the TBR. UTM’s TBR is currently being used by United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), among other military divisions.

The new LFPTF is ideal for use with UTM’s TBR. The portable training facility, which incorporates Kevlar® walls, allows you to change training environments in seconds while offering layouts appropriate for lethal live fire training. Unlike permanent live fire shoot houses that are expensive and have floor plan limitations, the LFPTF is versatile and can be assembled anywhere. The PTF can be broken down to fit into duffle bags for easy storage until the next training cycle.

Standard components of the live fire portable training facility include six flexible target holders, six ceiling panels, eight solid wall panels, six door/window wall panels, four hinged doors, frame materials and hardware, and five large duffel bags for storage and transport. The LFPTF setup and configurations are identical to the popular Portable Training Facility (PTF) used for NLTA/force-on-force training.

“I’ve been a trainer for more than two decades, and have yet to find products that allow for portable and versatile lethal life fire force-on-target training,” said Steve Didier, co-CEO of Phoenix RBT Solutions. “The new TBR and live fire portable training facility fill a void in the marketplace and will ensure that more law enforcement officers and soldiers are better prepared for their real-world missions.”

Also new for SHOT Show 2012 is Phoenix’s durable, practical and cost effective combatives equipment for fitness, physical techniques and reality-based training exercises.

  • Phoenix Strike Pads – are tough enough for any type of defensive tactics or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. The product’s outer cover is constructed of 22oz nylon coated vinyl over high density open cell polyurethane foam and is NLTA safe.
  • Heavy Bag – the core is made up of recycled multi-layer coiled High Density rebond foam encased with 22oz nylon coated vinyl. This bag is made for hanging or for ground work. Stress points are alleviated and the hanging straps tuck into the top of the bag. Unlike other bags on the market, this new Heavy Bag has no metal chains.
  • Focus Mitts – are made of 1050 Ballistic Denier with 22 oz nylon coated vinyl on the strike face. The mitts are light weight, durable and ideal for striking in MMA and combatives training.
  • Phoenix Mats – constructed from 22oz nylon coated vinyl and 8-pound rebond core, the mats can be used for a variety of purposes, including non-lethal and MMA training. These mats are strong enough to drive on and NLTA safe. The mats are available in two standard sizes (2ft x 2ft x 2in) or (2ftX6ftX2in) but can be customized for any room configuration.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to exhibit at SHOT show and share our latest product innovations,” said Tony Lambraia, co-CEO of Phoenix RBT Solutions. “The show provides the ideal platform for us to demo our products with soldiers and law enforcement officials.

To experience the latest innovations for yourself, visit the Phoenix RBT Solutions booth #5024 at SHOT Show being held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center this week. All products from UTM and Phoenix RBT solutions are manufactured in the US. For more information visit, www.phoenixrbtsolutions.com.

About UTM
Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is a leading provider of weapon conversions and training ammunition for armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world. With manufacturing facilities in the US and England, the company’s patented products are designed to simulate realistic training to better prepare soldiers and law enforcement officers for their missions. UTM provides a complete non-lethal training system solution for use with 5.56mm, 9mm, .357cal and .40 cal weapons. UTM offers man marker rounds (MMR), target bullet rounds (TBR) and blanks (silent blank rounds & battlefield blank rounds) for use in pistols, rifles, submachine gun (SMG) and selected machine guns. Products are available on the GSA schedule, contract number, GS-07F-5749P. For more information visit: www.utmworldwide.com.

About Phoenix RBT Solutions
Phoenix offers reality-based training solutions for law enforcement, military and private sector security at the national and international level. Phoenix's professionals are former law enforcement and military personnel who are recognized throughout the training community for their superior training experience and performance. Phoenix specializes in instruction, program development, consulting, training products as well as training facility design. For more information visit www.phoenixrbtsolutions.com

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