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Training to carry off duty

By Ralph Mroz

Hopefully you carry a firearm off duty. You can now legally do so nationwide, thanks to President Bush signing the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act a couple years ago. Yes, the politicians — including, unfortunately, some of the police brass — in a few cites such as New York and Chicago may still give you a hassle for so doing, but think about it: why should anyone know that you are carrying a concealed handgun at all? The only good reason is that you had to challenge someone with it or use it, at which point the extra hassle is a small thing, in context. But just because you carry a gun off duty doesn’t mean that you can use it effectively, should you need to.

To paraphrase the late Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Cooper: “Owning a guitar doesn’t make someone a musician.”

“What do you mean,” I can hear some of you saying, “I’m on the department SWAT team, I shoot every week, I’m a tactical stud!”

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