Testimonials for John E. Reid & Associates

Comments received from Reid Graduates 2001-2002

Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Case Comments

"I have been using the Reid Technique since the training. I have been very successful using this technique. I got a confession two days after the training. I also got a confession from a "long-time" sexual offender. He had been investigated many times over a 20 year period - with no one obtaining a confession until I used the Reid Technique on him."
Mack Rayburn
Kentucky State Police

"I have strongly suggested to our commanders of the Crimes Against Children Unit to make sure every new detective assigned to this unit be sent to the Reid School for Child Abuse Investigations. This seminar was helpful and informative."
Carolyn Nunn
Crimes Against Children Unit

"I have worked for child protective services for 9 years and this training was the best I had ever received in regards to interviewing alleged perpetrators. I have encouraged our State Police and local law enforcement to attend the Reid training."
Kay McInnis
Wabash Co division of Family & Children Services

Dave, I participated in your July 2002 seminar in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
I am the Director of HR at SDSM&T in Rapid City, SD, and as such I am responsible for conducting all of the campus investigations related to discrimination, harassment, and inappropriate behaviors. Anyway, I thought I would let you know that recently I conducted an investigation in which a TA (teaching assistant/grad student) made an offer to a female student that he would give her answers to a test for a sexual favor (quid pro quo at it''s finest). I not only substantiated the student''s allegations, but I also was able to get the TA to write a "confession" that he had done it!

I used to dread these investigations, particularly the sexual harassment variety, but now I must admit I sort of look forward to getting into and letting your technique work its magic! Your presentation style for teaching the technique certainly adds to the success of the technique!
Just thought you might want to know . .
Deb Sloat
Director of Human Resources
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

"Approx. 2 weeks after the seminar I worked an aggravated sexual assault against a 2 year old child. It was a cooperative investigation with another agency, who''s detective also attended the same seminar as myself. Utilizing the techniques learned in the seminar we were able to obtain a rock-solid confession. We both remarked after the confession that the techniques we learned and used during the interrogation absolutely facilitated the suspect''s confession. Our supervisor could not believe that we got the suspect to admit to his crimes."
DSG Bill Coyle
Spring Wake Boro PD

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Theft and Fraud Case Comments

"The best, most useful training I have ever received. I have gotten confessions on fraud cases that I never would have believed possible."
Lonnie J. Jarvis Jr.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC

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Telephone Interview Comments

"I have used the information provided by the Reid Technique seminar when doing telephone investigations. All of my work is done on the phone and I resolve more cases now by using what I learned at the seminar. Thanks,"
Sheila Fitzpatrick
AT&T Broadband

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Training Officers and Supervisor Comments

"Since my attendance, I am requiring all of my detectives to attend the training. It''s an excellent program."
Steven Gutkins
Failfield PD NJ

I have literally just returned from combat operations in Iraq. Along those lines, I can tell you that (the Reid training)is an investment that was well spent. I used the Reid Technique on several prisoners including members of the Saddam Fedayeen (a ultra-radical paramilitary terrorist group) with OUTSTANDING success. Hands down, the real-world application of the techniques from the basic and advanced courses you provided me and my team translated into actionable intelligence on the battlefield. I will try to get as many Counterintelligence Marines to your course as possible. The right tool for any interrogation or debriefing.

Semper Fidelis

Duward E. Massey II

"I was the conference coordinator for the training. Consequently, I have not had an opportunity to use the Reid Technique with suspects. I was very impressed with the training and have arranged another 3-day Child Abuse Seminar for November 2002."
Holly Oehrlein
VA Department of Criminal Justice Services

"As a training coordinator I see a big difference in the cases solved by those that have attended the Reid seminar. We send every investigator to your classes."
Sgt. J. Richard Ward
Charlottesville PD VA

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New and Experienced Interrogators Comment on their success

"It gave a side of Interviewing and interrogation that most investigators do not know of or use. I had little experience with I&I before your course. However the knowledge I gained was extremely helpful. The very first interview and interrogation of my first suspect was text book. You could have used it in your class, including the 6 page written confession and the tears to go with it."
Detective Robert Picciano
NYPD-NY County Dist. Atty Squad

"Before I attended the seminar, sometimes during interviews I could get to the point just shy of a confession but couldn''t close it. After attending, I changed my techniques to the things taught and have experienced an increase in confessions. I highly recommend this seminar to my fellow Detectives."
Mack Flood
Dalton PD

"I saw an immediate difference in my interviews! I''ve gotten so many confessions! It was worth every penny."
Marcus Adams
Madison PD Alabama

"I have been an investigator for 11 years. I felt that in my 16 years in law enforcement it has been one of the finest schools that I have attended. I have conducted about 25 major case interviews since attending Reid and have got confessions in all 25 cases. I recommended "The Reid Technique" to all law enforcement. Thank you"
Detective Tom Walsh
Hartford County Sheriff''s Office

"If the technique is used properly, I honestly believe that any investigator using the Reid Technique will have a 75-100% success rate in getting confessions. Right now I''m 15 of 17 in getting confessions on cases that include rapes, robbery, crimes against children, and cold cases. Your Technique is strongly recommended by me!"
Vaden Pollard
Sebring PD

"Excellent Technique that I constantly use as a detective in our department. I highly recommend this valuable training to all officers. My confession rate dramatically improved form 75% to almost 100% of the time after I received this training. Thank you and keep up the good work."
David Meade
Brooklyn Hights PD

"The Reid training was the most pervasive and complete training I have ever received. The techniques are definitely applicable to the types of investigations I conduct and have significantly increased my abilities to investigate cases and obtain truthful information. No question, it was worth every penny."
Bryan Carver
VA. Dept of Juvenile Justice OIG

"After 10 years as a Polygraph Examiner and having attended several different versions of this class from other places it was nice to be able to get the "Real McCoy"
Richard Breece
Colorado State Patrol

Upon completion of the three-day regular class, I was able to obtain a confession the next day using information taught in the course. An opportunity to attend the advanced course was available in my area and without hesitation I signed up. The information presented in the combined courses is the main stay of my on going training... It has increased my job success ten fold.
Michael A. Long
Cox Communications

"I have not only increased my confidence during interviews and interrogations, I have also been asked to assist in interrogations by other agencies, outside of my own, due to this training..."
Detective John Funk
Hutson NY PD

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Comments on Behavior Symptom Analysis

"I can clearly tell now (on most subjects) how to read the body language. The obvious is right in from of your face, but not apparent before I attended the Reid Seminar."
Brad S. Stille
Greene County Sheriff''s Dept.

"Increased my ability to resolve cases. Also, the techniques have helped tremendously in other aspects of my job. David Buckley was an excellent instructor and kept my attention at all times. Keep up the good work."
Shane P. Moore
St. Bernard Police

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John E. Reid & Associates

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