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Overview of the RRB Systems Global Policing Initiative

The RRB Systems Global Policing Initiative(TM) is an ongoing project involving a network of companies, consultants and trainers from around the world who are focused on finding solutions to social conflict through product development and responsible police policy. By providing modern and professional police services RRB Systems can curtail conflict and minimize problems for the community and the police.

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The advantages of using the RRB Systems are:

  • Safer resolutions for police professionals and community members.

    By teaching police officials how to manage conflict within the confines o our human rights model and by providing the proper tools to carry out enforcement goals.

  • Enhancement of police and community relations.

    Responsible policy garners respect for the police by the community that they serve. With our tools and training, Administrators can enhance their image in the community as caring professionals who are interested in professional policing standards.

  • Decrease in episodes of deadly force use.

    All of our equipment and training is designed to minimize the need for deadly force encounters. Our innovative non-lethal equipment has saved lives by its uncanny ability to control without killing. Though our training includes deadly force options the use of lethal tools is mandated as a final defense and is developed and applied through intensive training

  • Reduced liability and risk.

    In police work, the second battle begins after the first one ends. The battle with public disfavor and legal claims after a conflict makes managing the police entity a particularly dangerous business. Our training and products are completely court defensible and are backed by sound logic and theory which is supported by continuos research and development on a global scale.

  • Reliable performance.

    Equipment is only as good as the ability to use it properly. That is why all of our products are supported by a training team that will provide hands-on instruction to our clients. All instruction is developed and reviewed by our highly competent staff of trainers. It is constantly monitored for effectiveness and updated as needed. You can be sure that when an RRB Systems Instructor arrives you will get the latest information available and it will be integrated into your agency philosophy through professional standards of care.

    For more information, email info@rrbsystems.com or visit www.rrbsystems.com

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