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Encinitas, Calif. - Summer is upon us. Its 2013 already. I started teaching self-defense in 1977. My goal back then was to somehow help make the world safer. Thirty-six years have passed. Wow. I’m still doing what I love and love what I’m doing. The company has grown incredibly but we’ve managed to retain that small exclusive boutique feel. Quality, integrity and commitment will always lay an awesome bedrock for growth.

Over the last three decades we’ve influenced a lot of positive changes in training from the self-defense side to the tactical & combative side. And now we have created an amazing program for CrossFit.

It’s been an amazing 3 decades of professional service. I want to thank you all, whether I’ve met you or not, trained you or not. I look forward to meeting you at an event or course in the near future!

Here’s some media coverage you may have missed, check these out.

10 Shots At Tony Blauer – from the CrossFit Journal

Well-known author/trainer Loren Christensen interviews me about warrior spirit & personal drive.

Men’s Fitness Feature – one of the more interesting interviews as the author actually jumped into the course!

This was a surprisingly engaging (audio) interview with Perry Nickeltson who runs the popular Facebook page: Stop Chasing Pain https://www.facebook.com/StopChasingPain

Here’s the interview: http://stopchasingpain.podbean.com/

If you’ve always had a goal or dream to teach self-defense then check out our Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Coaches Course. We run them a 4-6 times a year in the USA and Europe.  Our Mission: "To produce the most responsible personal-defense system in the world and to develop the best coaches of the most responsible personal-defense system in the world." www.pdrteam.com

Watch this video to learn more about our approach to training: http://youtu.be/1RROfS6tznw

HOT for summer? I’m headed to Europe in a couple of weeks. We have our EU PDR cert in Manchester and I will be teaching our CrossFit Defense course in the UK and Germany as well. And we’re running a FREE SPEAR System Symposium in California for law enforcement & military friends, our annual SUMMER CAMP is around the corner, along with a High Gear Scenario Instructor course.  We have events going on all the time so check out this link to all upcoming courses: http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1049457

Stay safe,

Tony Blauer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tony.blauer ('subscribe' to my updates)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TonyBlauer
Instagram: http://instagram.com/tonyblauer

If you have questions or are interested in hosting any Blauer Tactical Systems Course email combatives@blauertactical.com or call 877.773.2748.

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