SHOT Show 2012: Adding realism to range training with Pink Mist

While walking the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show last month I found there to be more than 1,600 exhibitors. At the Law Enforcement Targets (LET) booth were loads of targets, props, and other products to look at. What got my attention at LET was a new product for 2012 named Pink Mist Tech Blood Pack reactive-shooting accessory — or “Pink Mist” for short.

Pink Mist turns any target into a reactive-bleeding target. How is this possible? Pink Mist is a package that contains a non-toxic red liquid which resembles blood — a blood pack — and an adhesive pouch and backing board that can be attached to a vital- or scoring-ring area.

You remove the wax paper sheet to expose the adhesive side of the pouch, attached the pouch to location desired then insert the blood pack. The blood pack is inserted into the pouch, remove an adhesive strip on the top of the pouch and seal the pouch. Finally, remove the wax paper on the backing board and apply the backing board over the pouch. You now have a reactive target. The blood pack pouch is little under 5” x 5/1/2” so if one desired two could be used on a target. Pink Mist is multiple-shot capable based upon the shot placement —the company list from one to five shots.

Brad Ross, Division Manager for LET, said Pink Mist was developed about one year ago for the zombie type shoots to have a reactive hit on the targets. The company is Zombie Ammo and has a two-minute training video on how to apply the pack. There are additional videos at the web site that show the pouch being shot and how the pack reacts to a hit, but the training video shows how to apply the product to a target and get to see how it works.

Pink Mist is sold through LET as well as via a link on the Pink Mist website. The cost, as listed by LET, is as follows:

1 to 24: $3.99 each
25 to 99: $3.49 each
100 to 999: $3.19, each
1000 to 999,999: $2.69 each

About the author

John Hall is a retired Investigator with more than 28 years of Law Enforcement experience, ranging from more than 15 years as an under-cover / plain-clothes officer, Law Enforcement Pilot with 3,600 total flight hours, SCUBA-Certified Dive Officer, and 15 years as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. Hall has worked various Dignitary Protection details and has attended Protection of Public Officials School. Hall has a Bachelor Degree with Education emphasis. Hall is a Certified Flight Instructor and was a volunteer F.A.A. Safety Councilor, NRA Instructor for Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home, as well as Rifle and Pistol Instructor. Hall is currently instructing the Sheepdog public for personal protection and concealed carry.

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