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Troy Acoustics Corporation Announces Joan Terry Drucker as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Santa Clara, CA—Troy Acoustics Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Joan Terry Drucker as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  Acccording to Bill Bergiadis, CEO, and inventor of the patented Troy Sound Wall System, " Drucker has over 20 years experience working with environmentally products.  She is aware of the importance of incorporating our green approved products in manufacturing, commercial and home markets.”

Drucker served most recently as Vice President and General Manager of Savage Range Systems, sister company of Savage Arms.  Prior to that she was president of Environmental Visions Inc., and worked in various management positions for a division of United Technologies, later known as ESP, Inc.

Under her leadership, Troy will continue to support the NRA Range Development Seminar Vendors’ Night and SHOT Show University. 

According to Drucker, “Troy was a perfect match.  Noise control in indoor and outdoor shooting ranges was always an afterthought.  Architects, range masters and range developers are more sophisticated now, and realize that shooters want to work in a safe and environmentally healthy environment. Troy is the only firm that I know that guarantees a noise reduction level based on their engineered specification. If we can control the reverb and isolate .50 cal BMG everything else seems that much easier. ”

Troy products are also used in interview rooms, broadcast facilities, and highway noise barriers.  They have a team of professionals on staff, including an Academy Award winner for sound. For further information visit their website at www.troysoundwalls.com or write info@troysoundwalls.com

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