Law Enforcement Shooting Competition to Raise Money to Support Children with Serious Illnesses

Attention law enforcement officers, you are invited to participate in a Law Enforcement Shooting Competition. The purpose of this event is to raise money to support Boggy Creek Camp; a place where children with serious illnesses can have some fun.

This will be a competitive event that will challenge your shooting skills, and prove to be a lot of fun. There will be two courses of fire:

The Three Gun Event: This event consists of three courses of fire. During each course of fire shooters will be required to move while engaging targets with patrol rifle, shotgun and pistol.

Sniper Event: This course is for agency snipers. It will require snipers to hit their targets from ranges out to 500 yards. Various positions and limited time has been built into the course to challenge a trained sniper.

Save your spot for June 18, 2011, at Bradford Sport Farm, Graham, FL (near Starke, FL). Entry fee is $30.00. There will be prizes in both events for the top three shooters.

Because of the anticipated number of police officer attending, please preregister at : Select Fund Raiser. Registration fees will be collected at the range.

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