5 Reasons You Should Train with Spartan Armor Systems Steel Targets

Paper targets are valuable tools, don't get us wrong. Paper targets are an effective means of getting a good zero and calibrating equipment. However, steel targets are a superior training tool in terms of honing your shooting skills. Here are 5 quick reasons that you should train with steel targets and more specifically, our Reactive AR500 Steel Shooting Targets.

#1 - Steel targets provide immediate audio feedback. That beautiful sound of ringing steel tells your brain within milliseconds that you've hit your target resulting in faster building of neural pathways. 

#2 - Reactive steel targets add an element of movement that force the shooter to re-aquire their target. This facilitates the building of target acquisition skills. This is especially true of our Dueling Trees, Triple Tap, Sniper's Paradise and similar reactive targets.

#3 - Reactive steel targets make shooting fun and engaging. Whether you shoot on occasion or train regularly, shooting paper targets can become monotonous. Shooting reactive steel targets make put the fun back into training. We have a large variety of steel targets ranging from reactive multi paddle silhouette style targets to classic gong targets.

#4 - With steel targets, setup time can be completed in a matter of seconds. If you opt for our modular Multi-Purpose Base (MPB) you can easily setup the majority of our steel target systems in under 1 minute - NO TOOLS REQUIRED. If you prefer to build your own target system using pre-cut steel, we have a variety of DYI options!

#5 - No staples, no wood to replace and no garbage to clean up when you're done shooting! When you shoot paper, clays or other disposable targets it can make a mess of the range. Our steel targets leave virtually no trace when they are broken down at the end of your training session. 

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