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LAW ENFORCEMENT — Local, Regional, and National —Early Adopters of the TARGABOT

Fort Wayne, Indiana -Targamite’s new and revolutionary target system — called the TARGABOT — rolled off its U.S. assembly line in June 2014.  Early adopters of this lightweight, portable and user-programmable robotic target have been local, regional, and national law enforcement.

Police are well-aware that real threats don’t stand still and are finding the TARGABOT to be an ideal training tool because of its shoot/no shoot and unpredictable behavioral characteristics that mimic the real world.  That’s TARGABOT’S purpose—to build muscle memory skills and confidence leading to swift and effective target engagement when things begin moving erratically out there.  

While the TARGABOT’S end-user community would naturally be trainers within law enforcement, armed forces, and self-defense communities, it also embraces shooters who want more challenging and engaging target shooting experiences that could potentially pay dividends in an increasingly volatile environment.  Indeed, this advanced robotic target is designed for any serious shooter who needs or desires to become a confident and thereby competent situational firearms user. 

Targamite LLC is a robotics company producing advanced tactical training platforms, including portable, computer-controlled target systems, with both predictable and unpredictable behavioral characteristics, for law enforcement, the armed forces, tactical training, and elite shooter communities worldwide.

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