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FATS® 300LE - 300 Degree, 5-Screen Immersive Virtual Training

FATS® 300LE - 300 Degree, 5-Screen Immersive Virtual Training

Meggitt Training Systems enhances the FATS® line of virtual systems with the introduction of fully immersive training. The FATS® 300LE brings a 300° field of view to the user, providing realistic, engaging training. With high-definition on every screen and 5.1 surround sound, the users will feel like they’re in the action, facing decision making pressures while maintaining situational awareness. The FATS 300LE supports up to 20 simulated weapons, including FATS weapons and ammunition types. Up to 4 simulated weapons can be assigned to a single user. Current FATS systems can be easily upgraded to a FATS 300LE. To learn more about the FATS 300LE, visit MeggittTrainingSystems.com.

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