Kyle Schmidt Demonstrates the DRM Pro

Kyle Schmidt gives instruction on the DRM Pro. The Dual Running Man (DRM) Pro is the most powerful and feature-rich running man system ever designed. It boasts 3HP motors, ultra-wear resistant pulleys, speeds up to 20 fps, realistic acceleration, and an easy to use control interface for use on tablets and mobile phones. The DRM Pro uses two lateral traveling, non-turning target carriers capable of moving independently from one another because they are mounted on two separate tracks that run parallel to each other. Paper, cardboard, and plastic targets can be attached to the Dual Running Man by stapling or clamping them to the standard 1” x 2” wood sticks secured to the target carriers with clamps. Simple: Mobile interface is intuitive and easy to use. Compatible: Web based app can be installed on most tablets and smart phones. Connected: DRM Pro integrates with both SmartRange™ and Mancom™ Master Control software. Powerful: The system's built-in wifi network reaches up to 50 yards and doesn't require an internet connection. Longer distances are available upon request. Versatile: DRM Pro can programmed along with target systems to create nearly any training scenario. Click here for more information:

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