'Robocop' technology lets user control surroundings

Motorola Solutions recently gave the system an award

By PoliceOne Staff

A security solution for headworn computers that is said to enhance situational awareness recently won a Golden-idea Award.

Motorola Solutions held the contest to recognize innovations for Golden-i headworn computers, and the Appear IQ Mobile Enterprise Application Platform won the company's nod for the way it uses gestures and speech recognition to allow officers to retrieve specific information about locations, according to a press release.

In the video demonstration of the product, a campus agent uses the voice commands "lights on" and "camera two" to control his immediate surroundings — the room's lighting — as well as what information is displayed on his screen: a direct link to the location's security cameras, in this case.

Additionally, officers "receive maps with specific points of interests related to his current location, display alerts from motion sensors, call video feeds from nearby surveillance cameras and even remotely trigger lights or sirens in specific parts of a building," the release stated.

Xavier Aubry, CEO of Appear, said the company is "convinced that there is an enormous potential for this solution in the private security and law enforcement markets."

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