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Texas cops use portable training facility for live-fire drills

Round Rock police are training using a video projector that is designed to absorb shots


ROUND ROCK, Texas — Round Rock police are training using a powerful new tool. A unique, live-fire facility allows officers to fire real bullets using their actual service weapons in realistic, videotaped scenarios. The training area is contained in a portable container that's been heavily padded inside for noise and bullet impact.

A heat sensor beside the video projector knows when the bullets hit the thick rubber screen that is designed to absorb the shots. The video is reviewed immediately. A small red dot on the video replay marks a hit.

The city purchased the portable training facility in December. It’s made by Laser Shot Inc of Stafford, Texas, which also sells its units to military and other law enforcement agencies around the world. Carver said the city bought a demo model for $300,000. It was paid for with assets forfeited from convicted criminals and didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Full story: Round Rock Police show off high-tech training tool

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