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Aiming to understand the danger police officers face

By: Laurie Mason
Bucks County Courier Times

The first time I was killed, it wasn’t with a bullet, but with a wrench.

I had pulled my gun out of its holster when the angry man started walking toward me, but kept my finger off the trigger. He wasn’t armed, right? Surely I shouldn’t shoot.

He was yelling something. Coming toward me, faster now. Swinging the wrench. Drop it, I ordered him. Drop it! He ignored me.

Shoot? Don’t shoot? It was decision time.

And in the seconds it took me to make up my mind, he brought the heavy tool down on my head. Everything got dark.

Since February, Bucks County police officers have fatally shot three people. None was wielding a gun, but allegedly threatened the officers with a shard of glass, a knife and a brick, respectively.

The glass shard incident involved a Bristol Township man who reportedly lunged at two cops and a probation officer inside his cluttered apartment in February. After an investigation, District Attorney Michelle Henry ruled the officer was justified in using deadly force.

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