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AIS Case Study: Georgia State Patrol

The Challenge
The rising costs of travel and training prompted Georgia State Patrol (GSP) to do an extensive search for a new training system for its 1,000+ officers. GSP has 48 posts spread across the state and also runs its own training division. Officers are alone much of the time, and backup isn''t always close by. To be best prepared, GSP wanted to ensure it provided its officers the best use-of-force and judgmental training available today.

The Solution
"I spent 18 months looking at simulators from around the world, and the AIS training simulator was the most realistic system we could find," says Sgt. Scott Johnson, Post 25 Commander, Georgia State Patrol.

Besides the realistic system, a proven track record was also crucial. AIS has been delivering Mobile Training Facilities for years and its technology is considered superior. GSP also pointed to AIS'' integrated video system and Shootback® cannon as a major factor in its decision.

In 2001, Georgia State Patrol purchased an AIS PRISimTM Mobile Training Facility - complete with a Shootback® cannon. Cost of the system is an estimated $280-thousand.

Sgt. Johnson added, "The mobile facility gives us the consistency we''re looking for - and ensures that every trooper receives the same training."

The Result
Geographically, Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. "We''ve found it is much more cost effective to take training to the trooper, rather than bring the troopers to the training," says Sgt. Johnson.

"The value of this new system has been an eye opener for us. After completing their week-long training courses, 90% of our troopers say this training has increased their effectiveness in the field. They saw their shortcomings while in the simulator, and by bringing attention to an issue, they could correct it."

Sgt. Johnson added, "If we plant a seed now with the best training available, it may save an officer''s life five years from now."

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