New, Low-Cost FAAC Law Enforcement Simulator Raises Fidelity Standard

Continuing to solidify its position as the market leader, FAAC Incorporated plans to unveil its new low-cost LE-1000 advanced training law enforcement driver training simulator at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) Oct. 23-25, 2011.

The LE-1000 simulator system features a new physical visual display system which greatly improves the driving student’s vertical field of view and spatial recognition. At the same time, the LE-1000 will have the lowest price in the industry.

“One of the benefits of having in-house development teams is that we can continually work to provide the best training value at lower price points for our customers,” said David Bouwkamp, Executive Director of Commercial Business Development. “ Our engineers have been able to retain the features and functions that made our past simulators industry leaders, yet in such a way that we can pass a cost-savings on to the customer.”

Additional features on the LE-1000 include:
• Realistic driving compartment accommodates Charger and Crown Victoria dash systems;

• Can be combined with new Driving Force simulation suite, which features driving and use of force simulations integrated into a single product and training tool;

• Streamlined physical features eliminate bulky computer racks and provide an All-in-One instructor station benefiting instructor-student interaction;

• Remote Instructor controls provided via Apple i-products for simulator management, such as i-Phone , i-Pad, and i-Touch now available on i-Tunes.

• Can be networked with other simulators to create multiple-call response training.

The LE-1000 will be officially unveiled in Booth 2001 at the IACP conference.

For more information, contact Bill Martin at, call 734-761-5836, or visit

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