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N.A.M.O.A. 2013 Conference Features Debut of SKIDBIKE in Canada

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Attendees of the Annual N.A.M.O.A. Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, May 15 – 18, 2013, will have the opportunity to see the Canadian debut of SKIDBIKE, the new, life-saving motorcycle training tool. There will be demonstrations and Police Motor Instructors will be able experience this amazing training equipment, first hand.

Effective EVOC Motor training allows officers to learn from their mistakes. But until now, injury to the rider and damage to the equipment during hands-on motorcycle training has unfortunately been an accepted reality of motorcycle training.

Today all of that has changed! After years of engineering and testing, the new SKIDBIKE provides the realism, and yes, even the terror involved with a mishap on a motorcycle. “Just the thought of crashing and falling down on a motorcycle is not an event any new, or experienced, rider wants to endure. On the SKIDBIKE, the human interface is as real as it gets. The crash occurs, you just don’t fall off,” said Dane Pitarresi, President of SKIDCAR System, Inc. and SKIDBIKE.

Motorcycle police and other first responders now have a real-life training tool in SKIDBIKE. Simply put, it allows the practical experience of dangerous incidents in a safe environment. While keeping the rider from real harm, SKIDBIKE creates the event of an actual crash. This is done in a controlled style and at a calculated pace that uniquely punctuates the rider skills required to stay alive in an unexpected loss of traction. Lisa Pitarresi, Vice President, said, “We expect to begin taking orders, delivering product, and doing on-site training by the third quarter of this year.”

Come experience the dramatic, educational moments that previously could only come from dangerous, unplanned events. Please visit our web site at www.SKIDBIKE.com, or contact SKIDBIKE at (702) 395-2896 or info@skidbike.com to find out how you can attend an upcoming demonstration or to obtain more information.

SKIDBIKE is the latest in the SKIDCAR family (www.SKIDCAR.com) of motor vehicle driver and rider training technologies for those in law enforcement, military, first responder and similar professions. For nearly 30 years, SKIDCAR SYSTEM® and associated products have helped drivers avoid numerous untold accidents, injury and death in 35 countries around the world.

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