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SKIDCAR System, Inc. Features Northwest USA Debut of SKIDBIKE at IADLEST Conference in Portland

After the exhibition, there will be a site tour of the northwest’s premier Law Enforcement Training Center, the Oregon DPSST, on Wednesday, June 5th. The SKIDCAR and SKIDBIKE technology will be available during that time for review, test drives, and hands‐on assessment. The SKIDBIKE, officially unveiled to the world last month, provides those in Law Enforcement with a motorcycle training tool enabling safe and effective training of core concepts and techniques for motorcycle operation.

This will also be an opportunity for attendees to experience the ESC Workshop, designed to highlight Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control, and learn why the orientation for driving these new vehicles is so important to current driver training programs. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM®provides a uniquely cost efficient and safe solution for training about these new, often misunderstood, safe‐driving technologies, at low speed in small areas.

For additional information, visit www.skidcar.com or www.skidbike.com, or contact SKIDCAR System, Inc. at (702) 395‐2896.

About SKIDCAR System, Inc.:
As a privately held, family run company, SKIDCAR System, Inc. has operated as the exclusive distributor of SKIDCAR products for North America since 1990. Over 270 SKIDCAR SYSTEMs are presently located in 42 states and 4 provinces. SKIDCARTM & SKIDTRUCK® technology enable the user to adjust the co‐efficient of friction (grip) to duplicate challenging driving conditions. The SKIDCAR SYSTEM consists of equipment, parts, service support and instructor training delivered by experienced professionals, passionate about the safety and efficiency of their students. Driver training academies and programs that require slippery surface driving experience or an understanding of vehicle dynamics learn how thought process must be used for success of controlled driving in any environment. SKIDCAR technology has proven to be an accepted, realistic, and economical solution for slippery surface driver training. www.skidcar.com.

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