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U.S. Army Awards Training Contract to Advanced Interactive Systems

SEATTLE - The U.S. Army (RDECOM Simulation and Training Technology Center) has awarded the Reality Response Division of Advanced Interactive Systems a two-year contract to develop and deliver deployable SVS™ training suites.

SVS™ provides 3D virtual reality training in highly realistic urban environments for military and emergency response personnel. Under the contract, the initial training suite will be delivered to the MOUT urban training facility at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. This suite will be housed in a deployable container and includes four SVS™ Immersive systems and several SVS™ desktop systems integrated with semi-automated forces (SAF) and after action review (AAR) workstations.

The goal of this training system to demonstrate how virtual simulation training integrates with existing constructive and live training.

The first SVS training suite will be delivered to Ft. Campbell by August 2004.

About AIS
Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc., provides comprehensive training solutions for people in positions where lives are on the line, including aviation, law enforcement, military, government, security, and first responders. Its Reality Response Division manufactures interactive simulation systems and synthetic environments that provide reality-based training for CBNRE (Chemical, biological, nuclear, radiologic, explosive) and other hazard response tasks, as well as first responder challenges. In addition, AIS builds simulators that provide weapons handling and judgment skills, and it designs and builds anti-terrorist and other special application training facilities for military and special operations groups, with installations in 32 countries. AIS has delivered training programs to groups as large as 26,000. Based in Seattle, Washington, AIS is a privately owned company with offices in Washington D.C.; McLean, Virginia; Monterey, California; Orlando, Florida; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and London, England.

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