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IES Interactive Training Introduces Range 3000 XP4 for Law Enforcement

Judgment-based system provides comprehensive use-of-force training

Littleton, Colo. - IES Interactive Training, provider of use-of-force training products that develop judgment and decision-making skills for law enforcement, military and government professionals, today announced the availability of the Range 3000 XP4, a scenario-based simulator that is portable, economical and easily customizable.

The Range 3000 XP4, compatible with Microsoft's popular Windows® operating system, provides realistic scenarios encountered by law enforcement agents-from gun violence in a school to a liquor store robbery. With the Range 3000 XP4, each scenario can branch infinitely depending on the reactions of the trainee. Moreover, the system can be used in almost any room or indoor range-no special environment is required.

The system comes equipped with more than 100 videotaped scenarios and allows organizations to tape and edit their own scenarios in as little as a few hours, customizing the training program to meet changing security needs. Graphics, text and audio can be added to each new scenario quickly and easily.

A unique benefit of the Range 3000 XP4 is its ability to gauge judgment as well as accuracy. For example, trainees will fail a portion of the Range 3000 XP4 simulation test if they use lethal force in situations that could put bystanders at risk-even if they shoot with complete accuracy.

"With security issues of paramount concern to our country, it is critical that every law-enforcement agency, from local police precincts to major government organizations, be at the highest level of readiness," said Greg Otte, president of IES. "With the Range 3000 XP4, we can help men and women on the front lines receive realistic training that enables them to respond more effectively to any potentially dangerous situation. IES isn't just about target practice; we emphasize sound judgment."

The Range 3000 XP4 also provides the following benefits:

  • Trainees practice posture, verbalization, soft-hand skills, impact weapons, chemical spray, electronic devices and lethal force
  • Trainees use their own weapons, with either laser sensors or live ammunition
  • Light levels can be adjusted during each session to mimic real-life scenarios, such as power outages, providing flashlight/low-light training
  • Voice recognition software allows for multi-language training
  • Each trainee's scenario/reactions can be analyzed and scored, step by step
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About IES Interactive Training
IES Interactive Training, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arotech Corporation [Nasdaq: ARTX], is a manufacturer of interactive digital training solutions to corporations, government agencies, military and law enforcement professionals around the globe. By providing unique judgment-driven systems designed by an experienced team of professionals, IES sets the standard for interactive simulation training. Flagship products include the Range 3000 XP4, a multimedia simulator; and the A2Z Classroom Trainer for interactive, real-time learning. For further information about IES, please visit www.ies-usa.com.

IES Interactive Training

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