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VirTra Systems Announces Immersa-Dome Technology

Arlington, TX – VirTra Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: VTSI) today announced its new product for the advertising/promotional market, the spherical Immersa-Dome™.

VirTra Systems’ Immersa-Dome is the world’s first–ever individual, multi-sensory, projection-based virtual reality system.

The Immerse-Dome utilizes a domed-shaped screen, which comfortably surrounds the viewer and delivers a high-resolution virtual reality experience without a headset. Through the unique design, the Immersa-Dome offers an amazing view of a photorealistic environment with resolution and field-of-view nearly equaling human vision itself.

“Vision is the dominant sense for most people. Viewing an experience in the Immersa-Dome is readily comparable to a personal I-MAX® theater,” commented Bob Ferris, VirTra Systems’ president. “The Immersa-Dome offers more than our proven headset technology, such as life-like peripheral vision, ultra-high-resolution, and higher throughput via its easier use in the field.”

VirTra Systems obtained an exclusive license to the technology behind the Immersa-Dome from Flogiston Corporation, a leading innovator for NASA. “After seven years searching for the right company to commercialize my patented technology, the search is over,” stated inventor Brian Park. “VirTra Systems is the right company, at the right time, and with the right experience. In my 24 years in the simulation/VR industry, I’ve never been more upbeat about a company’s potential to succeed with my patent than I am about VirTra Systems.”

In addition to the Immersa-Dome’s unparalleled visual display, the system combines stereo sound, vibration, time-triggered scents, and wind simulation for a complete multi-sensory experience.

“The competitive advantages of this exclusive product are obvious,” remarked Tom Milks, VirTra Systems’ vice-president of advertising and promotion. “Our research and initial demonstrations have proven significantly more sales channels due to the Immersa-Dome’s reasonable cost, user-friendly interface, and superb video resolution.”

About VirTra Systems
VirTra Systems utilizes patented technology to manufacture the world’s most advanced immersive virtual reality™ systems and 3-D experiences. VirTra Systems markets combat, marksmanship, and situational awareness/judgmental firearms training systems to military agencies such as the US Air Force, and to national and international law enforcement agencies. Using the sensations of motion, touch, sound, and smell, the company also produces custom advertising and promotional virtual reality systems for clients such as Buick, Chevrolet, Pennzoil, Red Baron™ Pizza, and the US Army. For more information, visit the corporate website at www.virtrasystems.com, or the training/simulation website at www.virtratraining.com.

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