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Advanced Interactive Systems Introduces the Interactive Training and Evaluation Classroom (ITEC) System to Enhance Participative Learning

Capable of measuring comprehension levels for hundreds of participants at the same time

AIS Interactive Training and Evaluation Classroom SEATTLE, WA - Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc. (www.ais-sim.com) announces the Interactive Training and Evaluation Classroom (ITEC™) system. ITEC can be used with a few or hundreds of classroom participants to glean instant feedback while training is in progress. ITEC is a Computer Based Training system which allows participants to interact with interactive scenarios and/or classroom presentations in a classroom setting. Participants utilize a keypad which collects data based on their student ID. The key pad is used for answering true/false, yes/no, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions presented during a presentation. "The ability to fill in the blank is new in the genre of classroom presentation and response tracking software. We've also taken advantage of the newest capabilities to capture content from existing presentation sources including video," stated Tim Bollig, Product Manager.

More importantly, ITEC has a robust and flexible presentation capability which allows the instructor/presenter to create content using virtually any medium including Lotus, PDF Files, MS Power Point, MS Word Documents, MS Excel, and several video formats.

ITEC was developed to record and report participant responses for post-class review. Because it provides interactive training capabilities for up to 999 participants simultaneously, trainer/presenters can review feedback while class is in session and reiterate, reword, or repeat lessons until accurate responses and comprehension is achieved. Participants can work at their own pace, on their own activities, or can work on one activity for the entire group. ITEC records and scores each participant's response to each question and will tabulate performance on a set of questions for each student. The instructor can display session results in real time in order to expand on key elements or concepts and move backward and forward within the lesson where the student population shows misunderstanding. ITEC can also track student attendance and overall scores.

AIS' ITEC is based on a similar system which has been proven in the educational sector. ITEC has been customized to enhance training presentations for the law enforcement, security, military, and public safety markets. The data captured by ITEC can provide a printed training summary or data may be transferred to other database and LMS systems.

The ITEC system will be available for hands-on demonstrations at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Los Angeles, California, November 13-15, 2004.

About AIS
Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc., provides comprehensive training solutions for people in positions where lives are on the line, including aviation, law enforcement, military, government, security, corrections and emergency responders. AIS builds PRISim training simulators that provide lethal and less-lethal weapons handling and judgment skills. The AIS Ltd. group designs and builds anti-terrorist and other special application training facilities for military and special operations groups, with installations in more than 60 countries. The Reality Response Division manufactures interactive simulation systems and synthetic environments that provide reality-based training for CBRNE (Chemical, biological, radiologic, nuclear, explosive) hazard response tasks. NASS, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides counterterrorism and security planning. Headquartered in Seattle, AIS is a privately owned company with offices in Washington D.C.; McLean, Virginia; Monterey, California; Orlando, Florida; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and London, England.

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