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May 2008 Product Roundup: Vehicle Equipment

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about Vehicle Equipment throughout the month of May 2008. Check out some of the latest Vehicle Equipment Products on the market today.

Stout Mount™ Computer Mount Console from Havis-Shields
It's smart. It's safe. It's stout! Low profile, safe and strong. Specifically designed for sturdy, company computer mounting. 2 piece housing allows for adjustable height (expands 1" or 2" to provide additional internal mounting depth). Independent keyboard and monitor brackets allow installer to customize height positioning. Swing Arm Feature provides easy and comfortable positioning of keyboard or laptop. Mounts to vehicle hump bracket or trak mount base, ordered separately (with trak mount recommended). Accepts all Consolidator equipment brackets & filler plates (Up to 8"). Modular design allows for add-on options such as: Slide out printer mount, low profile console extension, cup holder, light outlets and most Havis-Shields Consolidator accessories. Download the new Law Enforcement Products Brochure here or visit www.havis.com for more information.

Announcing LED Outfitter's Octix Bar
Generation III LED technology. Self contained internal flasher. Low profile aluminum housing. For interior and exterior use (Fully encapsulated, fully waterproof). Suction cup mounting options. 6 LEDs in every module. For more information on vehicle warning/traffic bars visit www.LEDOutfitters.com.

Meet Setina Manufacturing's Bodyguard Push Bumper, PB300
Engineered with maximum construction for strength and field-tested by the state, city and county police. The BodyGuard Push Bumpers feature a powder-coated finish for maximum durability and can be easily installed. These bumpers will increase protection to fenders, grille, and headlights. They will not interfere with SRS airbag systems. Combines the strength of law enforcement Push Bumpers with Modern SUV Styling. Rugged high strength 3/16" Aluminum Plate Main Structure. 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" Oval Extruded Aluminum Upper Cross Support. 3/16" Aluminum Lower Cross Support Brace and replaceable mar-resistant hard rubber horizontal and vertical push pads. For more high-quality push bumpers visit www.setina.com or the PoliceOne Push Bumpers Product Category here.

Go Rhino! Products® Public Safety Division Skid Plate
Protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from costly damage. Innovative design allows for easy installation. Heavy-gauge steel construction. Simple no-drill installation. Mounts to the existing hardware. New extension plates available for the radiator and transmission areas. Find more vehicle equipment products at www.gorhinopd.com.

Elsag North America's Mobile Plate Hunter 900
License Plate Reading (LPR) system operates independently of officer on board - enhancing officer safety by keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the scene.Works at patrol and highway speeds - oncoming differential speeds in excess of 120MPH and passing speeds in excess of 75MPH+. LPR translates the read plate data into a digital image, checks versus an onboard hot list, and returns an alarm back to the operator in milliseconds for appropriate interdiction. Cameras are able to read up to 4 lanes of traffic with a single vehicle. Efficient High Speed cameras allow officers to read 8-10,000 plates in just one shift with just a single vehicle mount. Unit is easily and rapidly transferable to a variety of police vehicles. Processor Unit is the size of a small box for easy storage in trunk of a vehicle. Low Power consumption: the unit requires less than 60W of 12V DC to function. Check out both fixed and mobile Plate Hunters at www.elsagna.com.

The New Ibis Tek Ballistic Door Panel
Made of Kevlar®, the new Ibis Tek Ballistic Door Panel (BDP) offers 16% more protective coverage and is 50% lighter than the factory option offered for the Ford Crown Victoria. Custom-fit bolt-in design, requires no vehicle modifications and can be self-installed. Once installed, the panels are undetectable. The BDP is currently available for the FordCrown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala and Tahoe, and the Dodge Charger, and can be custom-fit for other vehicles upon request. Free replacement if damaged in the line of duty. Contact Ibis Tek for ordering details.

For more information on Vehicle Equipment products and information, visit the PoliceOne Vehicle Equipment Product Category at https://www.policeone.com/products/vehicle-equipment.

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