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Patrol protection: The Tremco Anti-Theft System

Device secures patrol cars by locking shift lever in park

By Scott M. Bruner
PoliceOne Product Editor

Unattended patrol cars, unfortunately, can be a target for any criminal, but Tremco Police Products' Integrated Anti-Theft Systems has been designed to make sure patrol cars remain safe and secure when, and wherever they're parked.

What the Tremco Anti-Theft System does is to lock a patrol car's shift lever in the park position whenever the vehicle is put in park – allowing the vehicle to be secure even if it's still running. The locking system can be deactivated by pressing a hidden foot actuator, and a buzzer sounds to let the officer know the shift lever is active again.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is one of the agencies which use the Tremco Anti-Theft System.
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is one of the agencies which use the Tremco Anti-Theft System.

"A patrol car is the ultimate get away vehicle," Mark Tremblay, vice president of Tremco, said. "One of the biggest dangers is the bad guy can hear everything that that you are doing through the police radio. The Tremco Anti-Theft device is a security system designed to provide police vehicles with protection 24/7."

The system turns on automatically whenever the lever is placed in park and will remain on until the actuator is depressed, keeping the vehicle secure even when not in use. It also comes equipped with a switch to turn the system off when the added security isn't necessary – or for maintenance.

The safety applications, including avoiding dangerous highway pursuits, are obvious, but it can also secure a car for applications such as responding to an emergency scenes or motor vehicle accidents. It secures the vehicle when transporting passengers or prisoners. The Tremco switch was placed next to the brake pedal to also ensure officers are still capable of making a rapid departure.

The Anti-Theft System has been installed in over 250,000 vehicles in over 100 cities in the US and Canada, including the New York state police, the US Secret Service, and the FBI. Tremblay, a former paramedic and police officer, got the idea for the device after having his ambulance stolen.

There are 64 version of the Tremco Anti-Theft system covering most police vehicles from the Ford Crown Vic to the Dodge Charger. It also covers SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and correctional transport vans.

According to Tremco, installation of the Anti-Theft System can be done in less than 10 minutes. Installation by a Tremco vendor, at the department's facility, is available. The system also comes with a one year warranty from the time of installation and retails for $99.

"Stealing a patrol car is the ultimate violation to a police agency. This is the cheapest insurance you can buy for any vehicle," Tremblay said.

The Tremco Anti-Theft System is available from Tremco Police Products, and you can find them on the Web at http://www.tremcopoliceproducts.com/.

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