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Minnesota Highway Patrol Officer Likely Saved by Custom Seat

Parked in his cruiser during a traffic stop on the shoulder of interstate 35, this trooper''s vehicle was smashed from the rear at highway speeds by a drunk motorist in a 1983 Ford pickup. KARE, channel 11 TV Minneapolis reported, "The high back custom seat, new to squad cars this year, had a lot to do with saving his life." The seat being referred to is the Pro Copper Seat manufactured by Concept Seating Inc., which kept the trooper in place and protected during the impact. Not only did the seat prevent serious injury or death, but the trooper was able to report to work within the next few days.

Keeping an officer on the road is vital in these days of rising costs. Besides the officer''s loss to the community, medical bills add up quickly once an officer is injured in an accident. Besides the cost associated with the squad car and property damage, agencies are faced with worker''s compensation (or disability), lost man hours, overtime and civil law suits. Police departments in the United States spend millions of dollars each year as a result of auto accident injuries.

The most important asset on any law enforcement agency is its personnel. Given the high investment all departments have in the hiring and training process, it has become extremely prudent for all administrators to be as proactive as possible in providing products that promote and enhance the health and safety of its employees. Due to the foresight of these administrators, an officer is on the job, the department paid no medical expenses, paid no overtime. And as for the Pro Copper seat, it has been reassigned to a new squad car.

Article courtesy of Concept Seating. For more information, visit www.ConceptSeating.com.

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