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New Vehicles to Join Police Fleet

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Medford Transcript

The Medford Police Department has leased four 2003 Ford Crown Victoria police vehicles, which were added to its aging fleet at the end of December.

The cruisers have been redesigned by Officer Patrick Fahey.

The color scheme includes black and white, which brings the cruisers back to the basics. The Medford police badge is also proudly displayed on each side, along with the 911 logo.

All of the graphics are reflective at night, which improves officer safety and visibility. The vehicles also have the latest in technology in light bars. They will display LED lights (radiant lights), which are a brilliant, low profile design.

Also installed in each new Crown Victoria is some of the newest technology in computer equipment and modems. Officers will be able to continue to access databases to run license plates, warrants and other queries at the push of a button.

These four vehicles will be replacing 1997 Ford Crown Victorias with more than 120,000 miles on them. They will be a welcomed addition to a weathered fleet.

The department has also leased a 2003 Ford Expedition, which will be part of the Patrol Supervisor''s vehicle. It will also have the new graphic design, and will also have all the newest technology that is in the Crown Victoria cruisers.

The vehicle will be added to the Patrol Supervisors vehicles, which include a 1997 Ford Explorer with over 120,000 miles on it. This vehicle will be placed into service shortly after the holidays.

A 2004 Ford 350 Econoline Van has also been ordered. It is currently being outfitted and should be ready to for service shortly.

It has also been designed by Fahey, and will display the new graphic scheme. It will contain a three compartment area for the safe transportation of prisoners to the police station and courthouse. It will also contain several LED lights placed strategically for maximum security.

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