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  • Video: Cop car vs. motorcycle drift battle


    A 550 HP Mustang Cobra chases two motorcycles in a YouTube stunt video

  • Fla. FOP wants to give SO a 1953 Bel Air

    The lodge is spearheading an effort to find and restore a vintage patrol car that matches the exact make and model of one used by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

  • Aftermarket vendors retool for new police vehicles


    Although police package vehicles come with beefed-up suspensions, cooling, transmissions, electrical systems, and so forth, most of the other equipment that makes it a functional police car comes from third-party vendors

  • A new era in police vehicles begins at Ford


    Ford’s new Police Interceptor replaces the Crown Vic as its car for law enforcement

  • NC sheriff gets 40 new souped-up cruisers


    The department bought 39 full-size Dodge Chargers and a Chevrolet Tahoe PPV for the K-9 unit

  • PETA's offer of sexy ads on patrol cars 'inappropriate'


    By Jessica A. York Vallejo Times HeraldVALLEJO, Calif. — Financial problems in the city of Vallejo?Check.City staffing cutbacks, a shrinking tax base and further pending cuts?Check, check, check.A ...

  • Working with your airborne LE partners

    Today’s police officers certainly have a wide array of assets and support in order to help them complete their job safely and effectively. The long list includes: detectives, SWAT, K-9, marine unit...

  • Driving training stops after academy


    By Lisa ZigmanKSDKCOLLINSVILLE, Ill. — It has been five months since an Illinois State Police officer lost control of his patrol car, crossed over a grassy median at 126 miles per hour, and slammed...

  • PoliceOne Member Photo of the Week:
    Racing for education


     I run our Racing For Education program here in Phoenix, Ariz. and I thought this would be a cool picture for your Web site. With teen driving accidents being the number one killer for teenagers, I...

  • PoliceOne Member Photo of the Week:
    The head-turner


    This is our newly designed 2008 Dodge Charger up-fitted by Municipal Head Quarters (MHQ) in Marlborough, MA. Our blue and silver design along with the Whelen light package is a sure head-turner. Su...

  • Austin, Texas cruises go back to black and white

    By Miguel LiscanoThe Austin American-Statesman AUSTIN, Texas — Several months ago, when Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo was in town from California , he and his wife were dining downtown and needed...

  • Improving your roadside visibility


    Driver inattention is one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents in the U.S. As officers we are more at risk than most due to the "routine traffic stop." Traffic stops are one of the most bas...

  • Safe police driving

    I frequently see local law enforcement officers driving with one hand draped over the top of the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position. It concerns me that they clearly think they're in control...

  • Familiarize yourself with other local squad cars


    How many times have we backed up or assisted a sister agency? Almost every day, right? But how familiar are you with their patrol cars? The local PD ended a pursuit next to my house while I was hom...

  • Preventing cruiser theft


    I always make sure the parking brake is activated anytime my patrol car is in park and running. If by chance a suspect wanted to take the car, he'd first have to figure out how to take the brake of...

  • Gang gun-hiding tactic


    The trend in Miami, Florida for gangs are to hide their weapons in the front or rear bumpers of their vehicles. They also hind weapons under the hood in the engine area. They know that officers wil...

  • Training for touch during emergency driving

    While training new recruits about emergency/pursuit driving, park your patrol unit, blindfold the recruit and have him/her practice turning on various emergency lights and equipment by touch, witho...

  • Using radar during foggy weather


    When it is so foggy out you can't see 20 feet from your vehicle, turn your radar on. That way you will get advance warning a vehicle is approaching. Related tip

  • More on convenience store safety

    Adding to the convenience store awareness & safety tip submitted by Officer Larrick Winslow, Ferndale (WA) PD: My town is small enough that we only have two stores open inside the city limits. I've...

  • Convenience store awareness

    If you're an officer like me you probably visit the local convenience store throughout your shift to get a cup of coffee. Do you just park in front of the window and walk right in? If there is a ro...

  • Using your radar to keep you safe


    If you have stopped a violator or are directing traffic around an accident scene, consider leaving your radar unit on. Many drivers still rely on their radar detector to tell them when the police a...

  • Seat belt safety


    When on patrol, I always wear my seatbelt. However, there are times when it is tactically necessary to take it off. I take it off whenever I am checking behind a business or going through an alley ...

  • Facilitating speedy backup

    For those conducting traffic stops out on divided highways, try to make the stop just beyond the open crossovers. If your backup is coming from the opposite direction, he or she can use the crossov...

  • Tinted windows and visibility


    If I stop a car with tinted windows at night, I discovered a way to make the occupants visible to me and, conversely, to make me less visible. I order them on my PA to turn on their vehicle's inter...

  • New Squad Cars Raise Wisc. Police Visibility

    Department is ''getting back to basics'' By Aubrey Fleischer, The Fond du Lac Reporter (Wisc.) Twelve squad cars with a new design will be phased in over the next three years. (Photo by Keith Vande...

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