Digital Ally DVM-750 Displayed in New Ford Police Interceptor at NAFA Institute & Expo

Digital Ally’s Unique In-Car Video Design Favored by Many Exhibitors

DETROIT, MI - This week at the NAFA Institute and Expo in Detroit, fleet managers from all over the country had a chance to take a look at Ford’s new Police Interceptor that will be replacing the company’s popular Crown Victoria Police Interceptor at the end of next year. With its anti-stab plates in the front seats, the vinyl rear seats, available bulletproof doors, and the ability to withstand a 75-mile-per-hour crash, you can tell it was designed with the officer in mind.

Digital Ally partnered with Ford to provide a new DVM-750 Digital In-Car Video System for the new Ford Police Interceptor Concept Car. Ford requested this model from Digital Ally to use in the Concept because the unit takes up no extra space in the headliner, console, trunk or dash. Since most police cruisers are already limited on space, the DVM-750 helps the department make the most of the space available for their equipment.

This was not the first time Digital Ally has been selected for such purposes. When the new Chevrolet Caprice Police Car was introduced at last year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, GM chose the DVM-750 to install in their Concept Car. Since then, the DVM-750 equipped Caprice has been displayed in many shows, including the NAFA Institute and Expo, and Digital Ally’s in-car video system also been added to the Tahoe, Impala, and other show vehicles.

The DVM-750 Digital In-Car Video System is Digital Ally’s top-of-the-line video system and it includes such industry-leading features as: The VoiceVault™ Advanced Wireless Microphone with incredible, extended range, and the ability to save audio to on-board memory when the microphone is out of range of the video system; two camera simultaneous recording; three channel audio recording; D1 (720x480) high resolution video; ultra-bright sunlight visible monitor; electronic locking door with PIN-Code; and an internal battery backup.

Look for the DVM-750 in the new Ford Police Interceptor, Chevrolet Caprice Police Car, and other vehicles at other law enforcement and fleet conferences around the country this year. For more information on the DVM-750 and other mobile and portable video systems, visit or contact Digital Ally, Inc. at 1-800-440-4947 or email


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