No Dummy: Federal Signal’s SmartSiren Platinum

SmartSiren’s upgraded sibling offers plenty of features

By Scott M. Bruner
PoliceOne Product Editor

Lightbars and siren systems usually take hours to install and configure, and can cause multiple headaches trying to integrate them. Federal Signal’s SmartSiren aimed to make the management of lightbars and sirens a breeze by combining their controls into one handy unit.

Their new SmartSiren Platinum ups the ante, and makes system configuration even simpler, in two significant ways. First, the SmartSiren Platinum now provides an impressive 14 relay connectors and four inputs to manage vehicle equipment. Second, the SmartSiren now comes equipped with The Convergence Network, an integrated microprocessor and software configuration that provides for direct "plug-and-play" with vehicle components.

The SmartSiren Platinum’s software package allows the user to create, edit, and configure the unit’s programming files. Those files can then be downloaded through an Ethernet connection to a desktop or laptop PC. You can then easily copy the same configuration from one vehicle’s head to an entire fleet.

The SmartSiren Platinum also features onboard diagnostics to troubleshoot if a component isn’t functioning properly. It’s able to track which device is causing problems, by monitoring what equipment is sending and receiving data.

Like its predecessor, the SmartSiren Platinum provides feedback through a series of LED lights on a red and black control head. The unit’s controller contains similar functions as the main unit with similar buttons, a three position toggle switch and a SignalMaster indicator. The PA system and the fuses for the horn ring and siren remain easily accessible.

Beyond the ability to "plug-and-play" components, the direct connection between the control head and the lightbar’s amplifier also simplifies installation. The SmartSiren Platinum is currently compatible with all of Federal Signals’ serial communication lightbars, and the company plans on making all future lightbars compatible with the SmartSiren Platinum. It retails for approx. $1,699.

The Federal Signal Emergency Products Division is a leading supplier of audible and visual warning devices for emergency applications. It serves the police, fire, ambulance, tow and work vehicle markets with strobe, halogen, and LED lightbars, flashers, switch controls, and high visibility beacons, as well as audible warning devices such as sirens, speakers, and back-up alarms. You can visit Federal Signal online at

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