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LED Outfitters Introduces the VINDICATOR LINEAR Lightbar

LED OUTFITTERS recently introduced its newest lightbar, the VINDICATOR LINEAR full sized lightbar.

The VINDICATOR Full Size Linear LED light bar is one of the most advanced LED Light Bars on the market. A complete 360-degree lighting system made out of the finest aluminum material, with extremely low amperage draw, the VINDICATOR Full Size Linear LED light bar uses our signature low profile design and is engineered to provide superior aerodynamics and greater fuel savings than other light bars. The bar is tightly sealed preventing any water damage from occurring. In total, there are 150 1W GEN III LEDs.

The Light Bar is designed for those who need high output lights, with the simple function.  It is a great solution for those who need high intensity light output without hurting their pocket books. This light retails for over $2000 dollars.

In addition to getting a beautiful sleek light bar, also installed is a 27 pattern flasher at no additional cost to you. We are the only dealer offering 27 flash patterns with our light bar.  Also included is our own newly designed stealth looking 6 BUTTON self programming control box. The buttons on the switch box light up and are clearly visible at night.

All light bars come standard with Two TAKEDOWN lights, Two ALLEY lights and a six module arrow stick in the back. Also included in the back of the bar are four primary flashing modules.

FIRST OF ITS KIND: Arrow stick modules, TAKEDOWNS and ALLEY modules will function in sync along with primary flashing modules when not activated on the switch panel.

Light Bars come with a 12-foot cord and gutter mount, mounting brackets for quick and easy installation. There is no need to drill unnecessary holes into your vehicle to install this bar.

Flash Patterns:

1. Kit Scan, 2. Outside-In Single, 3. Outside-In Ultra, 4. Side-by-Side Single, 5. Side-by-Side Ultra, 6. Random, 7. Single (split), 8. Double (split), 9. Quad  (split), 10. Quint (split), 11. Mega (split), 12. Ultra (split), 13. Single - Quad (split), 14. Single H/L (split),  15. Single (all), 16. Double (all), 17. Quad  (all), 18. Quint (all), 19. Mega (all), 20. Ultra (all), 21. Single - Quad (all), 22.. Single H/L (all), 23. Steady 2 (California), 24. Steady 4 (all), 25. Left Chaser, 26. Right Chaser. 27.Super Flash Mode

Product Features:

  • Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look
  • 27 different flash patterns
  • Includes wire harness for easy installation
  • Full function switchbox included
  • Mounting hardware for roof mount
  • Extreme performance in a package under 2" high
  • Integrated Traffic Direction feature
  • Multiple user-programmable flash patterns
  • Increased vehicle fuel efficiency


  • Generation III LED technology
  • 2 Gen III takedown lights (flashing and steady burn)
  • 2 Gen III alley lights (flashing and steady burn)
  • 6 Module gen III LED amber arrowstick
  • 12' cable from light bar to switchbox
  • Self contained internal flasher
  • Low profile aluminum housing
  • Gutter brackets included for mounting
  • (Fully encapsulated, fully waterproof.)
  • 150 1W GEN III LEDs.
  • 5 year warranty!

 49" L X 12.5" W X 4" H


1-877-808-LEDS (5337)

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