Portable surveillance: DSS Global Security Corp’s GlobalWatch Mobile

High tech system integrates cameras, data wirelessly

By Scott M. Bruner
PoliceOne Product Editor

Police departments looking for a mobile surveillance system, designed to provide comprehensive visual coverage necessary for perimeter protections, stakeouts, drug enforcement, and immigration control may want to consider DSS Global Security Corporation's GlobalWatch Mobile. This all-in-one system offers an impressive list of features for officers and investigators searching for the next generation in video surveillance.

"With the GlobalWatch Mobile system, you can have rapid deployment of a video capture system anywhere at anytime, wirelessly," said Dean Capawana, CEO of DSS Global Security.

GlobalWatch Mobile allows officers to monitor a number of locations remotely, whether cameras are deployed in the field or in a patrol car. When a camera is installed inside a non-accessible area, the camera can be integrated and viewed in a vehicle, command center, or even back at headquarters.

Control of the system can be located thousands of miles away from the camera. Remote operators can access the cameras in any remote or distant area, including roads, trails, or parks. Data that can be transmitted through the GlobalWatch system includes WiFi voice and data in addition to video.

It offers a remote control system to control the surveillance cameras. Investigators can pan, tilt, or zoom the cameras, and set up cameras for motion detection activated recording. Transmission of video data is encrypted to provide closed circuit security.

Recording can be continuous or to be activate by a camera’s motion detection system. The motion detection system, which allows three motion detection windows per camera, can send data directly to the command center. Video through the GlobalWatch is streamed at 30 frames-per-second.

"The system basically fits in an oversized briefcase, can be deployed in a vehicle in a matter of minutes. For a patrol car, we recommend four cameras with the system: front, back, and both sides," Capawana said.

The GlobalWatch system can be set up and ready in approximately 20 minutes. It can run on standard electric power, off a patrol car battery, lithium batteries, or even by mobile solar power units.

Finally, the GlobalWatch Mobile is able to seamlessly integrate several types of specialized equipment, including thermal imaging, GPS, biometrics, or infrared data. DSS offers technical assistance, training and maintenance for the GlobalWatch Mobile system – and system manuals are provided.

DSS Global Security Corporation provides secure surveillance systems for both government and commercial applications. You can find more about DSS and GlobalWatch on the web at www.dssglobalsecurity.com.


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