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Gamber-Johnson Announces a New Tablet Display Mount

Stevens Point, Wisc. – Gamber-Johnson, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of rugged docking stations and vehicle mounting, announces a new display mount designed to work with tablet and display computers.

The Tablet Display Mount (Item No. 7160-0494) was designed to easily mount a tablet or display computer closer to the dash without the need to tear apart the dash or relocate any of the existing OEM controls on the instrument panel.  The mount attaches to any Gamber-Johnson upper pole, the Mongoose motion attachment or Gamber-Johnson’s “smiley face” pattern found on a console system.  “Because of the versatility of the different mounting combinations the user has more flexibility in adapting their tablet/display to the vehicle the way they want it to be displayed”, explains Douglas Hustedt, Strategic Account Manager.  “The tablet display mount can easily be tilted down away from the dash to provide easy access to the vehicle’s controls on the instrument panel and can be swiveled towards the driver or passenger for the best ergonomic viewing position.”

The tablet display mount has various industry standard hole patterns (AMPS, NEC, VESA 75 mm and Gamber-Johnson's 2x4) to allow a variety of tablets and display computers to attach directly to the mount.  The mount offers height adjustment to accommodate for the various tablets, displays and docking stations.

If you require a keyboard solution for your configuration Gamber-Johnson has designed a keyboard tray that easily attaches to the display mount using one of our standard sliding motion attachments:  Quad-Motion TS3, Quad-Motion TS5 or the Mongoose.  The keyboard tray (Item No. 7160-0498) offers a quick release feature to remove the keyboard from the keyboard tray and place comfortably on the operators lap while typing.  The operator can simply snap the keyboard back into the tray; an audible click will indicate the latching mechanism is engaged.

Tablet Display Mount
Can be placed on any Gamber-Johnson Upper Pole, the Mongoose or the "smiley face" pattern on the MCS Console System.
Holes patterns that attach to mount are AMPS, NEC, VESA 75 mm and Gamber-Johnson 2x4.
Display can be tilted down 160 degrees away from the dashboard to provide easy access to instrument panel controls.
Display can be swiveled 60 degrees right and left for optimal viewing position
Height adjustable to accommodate various sizes of the tablet computers and docking stations.
Can be used with the Quick Release Keyboard Tray for Motion Attachment.

Availability:  9/30/13
MSRP:  $110
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Keyboard Tray for Motion Attachment
Keyboard can be removed us the latching lever in the back and allows for one-handed release
Keyboard can be comfortably placed on the operators lap while typing
The keyboard snaps back onto the base plate with an audible click that indicates an engaged latch
Keyboard plate has the following hole patterns: PDRC Keyboard, iKey Keyboard and AMPS pattern
Keyboard can be combined with the following Motion Attachments to create a sliding keyboard tray when used with the Tablet Display Mount:

Quad-Motion TS3 (Item No. 7160-0284)
Quad-Motion TS5 (Item No. 7160-0285)

Mongoose (Item No. 7160-0220)

Availability:  9/30/13
MSRP:  $185
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