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Code 3, Inc. Announces Release of Solex™ Lightbar

Code 3®, Inc. announces the release of the Solex™ lightbar. The Solex incorporates a modern, cutting edge look that is aerodynamic in appearance and performance, providing all the capabilities and more from the innovative leader in emergency lighting.

The Solex provides powerful new options including: a 2nd level that allows for additional massive takedown lighting, additional flashing or steady burn warning lights, a 100 watt speaker with no loss of rear warning light capability, traffic emitters, and other potential warning or add-on devices. The Solex lightbar offers all of these options while maintaining a single level appearance and aerodynamic characteristics. A two level lightbar in a one level package! Take a look at the new Solex and you will see not only a lightbar built for today’s vehicles but also one designed for the future.

The Solex is only 2.5 inches tall (63.5 mm) keeping a low profile while its 3.9 inch (99 mm) tall center section is designed specifically to maintain the single level low profile look demanded by modern emergency vehicles.

Other Solex features include: the latest single or multicolor (coming soon) SIRIS™ LED lightheads designed for maximum straight-on or off-angle lighting performance. These lightheads are designed for usage with a central controller board or can flash independently depending on your requirements.

The aluminum frame and lighthead mounting platform are designed for heavy duty use and vibration and have been tested to standards well beyond the required SAE, CA Title 13 and European testing standards. The lens caps are designed to protect internal components from UV degradation as well as keeping the Solex aerodynamic. These lens caps are also designed to easily shed any water, ice, or snow that might collect on the Solex while a vehicle is parked and not in use. Thick, heavy duty lower lenses are designed for exceptional wear life.

For more information, visit www.code3pse.com or call Code 3 Customer Service at (314) 426-2700.

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